Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Your child is the best insurance salesman...

Your child is the best insurance salesman.

Let me tell you why.

Many of you treat insurance agents like public toilets. Mati-mati nak avoid. Tapi bila taik dah main peekaboo kat lubang bawah tu, baru time tu desperate nak cari, nak pakai.

Same with child insurance. When your child is healthy - 

"No need insurance lah. For what pay hundreds each month. If he/she fall sick then only pay lor."

And then one day he/she falls really sick. An infection. A viral fever. An accident involving sharp objects.

You rush to a private hospital. Because you think govt. hospitals are not up to your standards. You burst through the ER. You cry for help. They come running and attend to your sick child. And while they're attending to him/her, they ask you to go and register.

And ask for a 3k deposit.

You don't have 3k.
You borrow from parents. Relatives. Friends.

Then after all the treatments are done, your child warded, cared for, discharged, medicine dispensed, you're slapped with a 5k bill.

You don't have that balance 2k.
You borrow from parents. Relatives. Friends.

Your ego takes a blow. They now know you don't have money.

You turn to your spouse - "I think we need insurance. Let's get him covered. We'll never know when things like this can happen again."

Kan senang kalau pikir macam tu from the start?

Your child is the best insurance salesman.
But don't wait for them to 'tell' you that you should have had them covered.

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